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Black-Owned Businesses

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Next Stop Africa is an Informative/Cultural driven Podcast hosted by Aime Kikoma (Congolese) and Benitha Muyizere (Rwandan). Our Podcast’s goal is to give the spotlight and attention to Africa while embracing and showing off the graceful cultures. Within this important mission of showing off different African Cultures, it is also equally important, if not imperative, that we also support our brothers and sisters. Below you will find a list, in no particular order, of different B.O.B (Black-Owned Businesses).


KYIRETWIE is a Black-owned business that is focused on pulling different fashion ideas/styles from around the world from people/cultures of underrepresented backgrounds. The goal of Kyiretwie Fashion is centered on creating a bridge between the proud/graceful culture from the underrepresented backgrounds with pop culture. The current CEO/Founder of Kyiretwie is Shane Kyiretwie. Shane, since a young age, has had a thirst for knowledge, reading books about great heroes such as Fredrick Douglass (Frederick Douglass: The Last Days of Slavery), Nat Turner (Nat Turner’s Slave Rebellion), and Harriet Tubman (Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky). Not only that, but Shane has always been fascinated with fabric at a young age as well, and always knew that he wanted to have a future with art and culture. Over the years, Shane has cultivated his skills and has been mentored by KemasKreations (, Mission Accomplished Transition Services' Founder Carmen Duncan (, and Sabrina Pridd of Pridd New York ( All this together has created his American Luxury Fashion Brand, Kyiretwie.

Kyiretwie will be coming out with their first fashion line in 2022, in the meantime be sure to check out Kyiretwie's Instagram Page!

Kulturegame understands that representation matters. Combining story-telling and Cultural Diversity, in order to create an environment worth having things in common, understanding differences, and cultivating cherished moments. However, games are just a step in the right direction, that is why Kulture Games will keep learning and tellings stories to demonstrate the different representations of the human race. Kulture Games will take 10% of their net proceeds to go towards educational and community development initiatives in the countries Kultural Game celebrates in the games. In September 2018, they launched their #LaughingForLiteracy initiative; for each game purchased, a book (or substitute item e.g meals) is gifted to a child in an underserved African community.

Kulture Games is just recently released a new game! Check their Instagram page and show them love!



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