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Meet the Next Stop Africa Squad!

Aime Kikoma, Founder/Host

Hello Everyone, I am Aime Kikoma, and I am an Engineer in the Construction/Engineering Field. I founded this podcast with the intention to shed light on Africa. With everything going on and the attention that Africa is getting, which is LONG overdue, there are things that I, myself being African, want to bring to light about Africa and the beauty that it is. As well as point out the things that make Africa, Africa. Not only that, but if there is one thing I want you, the listener, to take away from this podcast it's to get a better sense of what Africa really is through its people, culture, and politics.

Benitha Muyizere, Co-Host

Hi Everyone! I'm Benitha Muyizere and I'm the Co-Host for Next Stop Africa. Currently, I currently work in Healthcare and I'm also a Human Rights activist. I joined Next Stop Africa so that I can use my voice to share the African stories that I know, learn from others, and expand my social network. As the Co-Host, if there is one thing I want you all to take away is to understand that it's our responsibility as Africans and African descendants to own our narratives, take initiatives in leading, learning, and liberating minds from the false African image that the West has painted, so that we can join hands in creating the true image of Africa.


Leudin Dominguez, Production/Marketing Leader

Hi everyone, I’m Leudin Dominguez! I am the “guy in the chair” guy for Next Stop Africa! Basically, I run the social media accounts, do the technical production work/review, and I work on Sponsorship Relationships. I also make sure our team *aime* stays on track. I joined Next Stop Africa to not only learn and expose myself to other people’s cultures and experiences, but to also be part of something bigger than myself. Next Stop Africa gives the very well-needed and deserved spotlight on Africa. Throughout the episodes, you feel and hear that!

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